Windows PerlMagick How-to: Non-Win2K Operating Systems

You probably also want to check out Ron Savage's Perl CGI Image::Magick FAQ

Windows XP:

According to Michael Chan and several others, these instructions work on Windows XP with no modifications.

Windows NT 4:

Thanks to John Freed for these tips.

Windows 98 SE

Thanks to Gerhard Petrowitsch for this tip.


Eelco Weijmans writes:

"I'd like to add one thing for Win98/Apache users: Besides adding IM to the Path and adding the MAGICK_HOME var, one should really not forget to add the line "PassEnv MAGICK_HOME" to httpd.conf. Took me a while to find this out, and accidently saw it in one of the posts in the mailing list."

I suspect this applies to all Windows versions of Apache and not just Win98.

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