Imperial Ships & Vehicles

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All models are now POV-Ray 3.1 compatible unless otherwise stated.

TIE Droid

Original POV-Ray model by Darcy Johnston

The Sienar Fleet Systems TIE/D Fighter, a robotic starfighter first used by the Imperial Navy at the Battle of Calamari. Written for POV-Ray by Darcy Johnston, this model includes the ability to alter a number of the ship's attributes, such as the wing angle and engine glow, using predefined variables in the scene file.

Download ZIP file (39K)

Imperial Shuttle

Original POV-Ray model by Dylan Beattie

The Sienar Fleet Systems Lambda-class shuttle, standard cargo and passenger shuttle of the Imperial fleet. Written for POV-Ray by Dylan Beattie, using 'The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels' for basic dimensions and Star War: Chronicles for the textures and details.

Download ZIP file (74K)

TIE Fighter

Original POV-Ray model by Dylan Beattie

The Sienar Fleet Systems Twin Ion Engine fighter, standard light attack craft of the Imperial Navy. Written entirely in POV-Ray, the model is based on 'The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels' with the colours and textures taken from photographs and film stills. Several elements of this model were later re-used in the TIE Interceptor and Defender models.

Download ZIP file (28K)

TIE Interceptor

Original POV-Ray model by Dylan Beattie

The Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Interceptor, loosely based on the prototype flown by Darth Vader at the Battle of Yavin in Star Wars: A New Hope. The model was written entirely in POV-Ray, and incorporates several elements re-used from the TIE Fighter model. Dimensions are from 'The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels', the colours and textures are from the reference photographs in Star War: Chronicles

Download ZIP file (24K)

TIE Defender

Original POV-Ray model by Dylan Beattie

OK, so it's not in any of the films and it's a bit obscure, but it's a mean-looking piece of hardware and it wasn't too difficult to put together, so here it is - the Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Defender. Another one written completely in POV-Ray, and incorporating elements from the other TIE models, the dimensions are based on 'The Essential Guide to Vehicles and Vessels' and the textures are a 'best guess' based on the other TIE vessels.

Download ZIP file (20K)

Imperial Star Destroyer

Original 3D mesh from Star Wars Modelling Alliance
POV-Ray conversion and texturing by D M Beattie

The core of the Imperial Navy, first seen in the memorable opening shot of Star Wars: A New Hope This model is actually a conversion of a wireframe mesh from the Star Wars Modelling Alliance; however, when I checked back to see who the author of the original mesh was, it had been replaced by an updated version, so if this is your work please let me know if it's OK to keep it on here. The mesh was converted to POV-Ray using Keith Rule's Crossroads 3D utility, and then the textures and a few other bits added by hand in POV-Ray. Up close it looks a little flat, but it looks great looming in the background...

Download ZIP file (186K)

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