Objects, Planets and Effects

Please read the Conditions of Use regarding the files available on this page.

Unless otherwise indicated, all model files are now POV-Ray 3.1 compatible.

Cloud City

POV-Ray model by Darcy Johnston

Bespin's Cloud City, modelled in POV-Ray 3 by Darcy Johnston using textures from the Star Wars Modelling Alliance.

Download .ZIP file (53K)

Explosion 1

POV-Ray effect by Howard Day

Great-looking POV-Ray explosion effect using multiple halos - slow to render, but one of the nicest explosion effects I've seen.

POV-Ray 3.1 Incompatible

Download .INC file (2K)

Star Wars Planets 1

POV-Ray include file by Dylan Beattie

Include file defining several of the most well-known planets from the Star Wars galaxy - Hoth, Alderaan, Tatooine and Dagobah. Based on matte paintings from Star Wars: Chronicles, it also includes planet definitions using a halo-based 'atmosphere' effect for horizon shots. The textures on these are OK, but they're not perfect - if you want to have a go at improving them, feel free to send me the improved versions.

POV-Ray 3.1 Incompatible

Download .INC file (2K)

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